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Cold Laser Therapy

I have been using the cold laser therapy pen for a few weeks now.  I have knees with arthritis and 70% cartilage loss. Even with cortisone shots, I regularly have to take ibuprofen for pain relief.  Since starting with the cold laser therapy twice a day I have noticed a reduction in inflammation and pain.  A nice bonus about the pen is that it is so small that you can carry it with you and use it whenever you need to! 

Cheryl M.



Better Sleep for Me and My Baby

I was so sleep-deprived because my baby was waking up every hour to nurse, and I couldn’t sleep at all in between. I finally bought a grounding mat that we both sleep on, and it’s been a life saver. The sleep I’m getting is so much better! I’m content when I wake up, even if it’s only a few hours of sleep. My baby’s sleep has improved too – he doesn’t wake as often. In all, we purchased four mats for various family members to help with sleep problems. We love them!

Kokoe D.


Relief for Sore Wrists

During a career that relied heavily on my hands for computer work and other repetitive motions, my wrists were always so sore by the end of each week. About a year ago, I heard about the benefits of a direct connection to the Earth via bare feet outdoors or a grounding mat indoors. I purchased a mat and, for 30 minutes a day, would sit on a chair with my bare feet resting on the grounding mat on the floor. Within days, my wrists felt so much better and, unless I overdo something like raking or shoveling, they don’t hurt at all. I also have lower back pain, so I’ve recently started sleeping with the mat either across the top or bottom section of my mattress so that either my arms or feet and legs are making contact with the mat. I definitely wake up with less pain in my back. What I like about the grounding mat is how simple it is to use, and it gives me the opportunity to relax while getting the benefits of using it!

Theresa K.


Unexpected Twist of Events

I was having quite a bit of knee pain and was not sleeping very well. I tried a grounding mat and things improved, but it’s difficult to tell for sure if it was due to the mat because I’ve also adopted better sleep habits and a different exercise regimen. However, an unexpected benefit was in store! It helped an issue I hadn’t even considered: grinding my teeth at night. I had been wearing a mouth guard every night while I slept to avoid the resulting days-long pain in my teeth and jaw that I experience when I don’t wear the guard. One night, after I started using the grounding mat on my mattress, I had forgotten to wear my mouth guard, and my teeth and jaw were fine the next day! In fact, I haven’t had to wear the mouth guard for over a year now!

Mary Ann D.



Reduced Swelling

“I had been suffering with extremely painful & swollen feet, ankles and well, basically the lower half of my body for years & my doctor just kept upping the dosage of my blood pressure meds. I changed my dieting & eating habits and still nothing. I finally made the decision to purchase the Earthing Universal Mat Kit and after only a few days of use, the swelling went away and has been gone ever since. I use my mats a few times a day and my overall health has improved a great deal. I recommend the Earthing products to pretty much everyone that I speak with.” - Maureen G. 


Restless Leg Syndrome Improvement

“Restless Leg Syndrome runs in our family. We rely on one another for any new suggestions that might help us get a blessed night of sleep. Our brother living in Ecuador told my other brother in Tacoma about the Sleep Mat. So I tried it too. WOW! Ever since then I have slept all night and I even have pleasant dreams! Goodbye RLS!!!” - Joan H.


Decreased Pain

“My neck, shoulder pain and headaches have decreased almost completely. Within one week there was a noted improvement.” - Nina R. (Uses the Pillow Cover)


Improved Allergies & Back Pain

“So glad we purchased this! My allergies stopped 2 nights after sleeping on this and back pain much improved! Absolutely incredible! Easy to put on and comfortable to sleep on (I have it under our fitted sheet). I highly recommend!” - Ester M. (Uses the Sleep Mat)


Decreased Snoring & Pain

“My husband has knee and back pain as well as quite loud snoring. I knew he would be sceptical of Earthing because we had talked about it some. I put the Mattress Cover on the bed without him noticing it. Every day for the next few weeks he would wake up and say how good his knee felt it - how well he slept. His snoring improved or maybe disappeared entirely! He knows we sleep grounded now and I proved to us both that Earthing works!” - Lori B.


Improved Sleep Apnea & Exercise Recovery

“My husband has had sleep apnea issues for years which wakes me up so I thought maybe this mat could help. I'd like to say it has helped, but I'm sleeping so deeply I don't wake up at all! In the times I've been reading in bed while he's sleeping, there have been no apnea episodes. I didn't tell him I got this mat until we'd had it a month, and he seemed surprised to admit he had been sleeping better when asked...After workouts and weight lifting to utter fatigue and muscle failure, I wake up the next day without soreness. I've been unable to make my body sore no matter how hard I try. Sleeping on this Mattress Cover is phenomenal.” - Cheryl T.


Increased Energy

“I’m really seeing the effects of grounding! I’ve been like the caboose of a train for at least 2 years. Every morning, I would wake up super groggy and in pain, just dragging. I couldn’t wait to get to sleep as soon as my kids went down at night. Over the last few weeks, I have not only had a steady stream of energy during the day, but I’m so much more awake in the morning and clear headed. And in the evenings, I can actually get some stuff done around the house or just read a book! It feels so good to be part of the functioning adult club again!” - Kara B. 

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